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Landscape Maintenance

Why hire a man, a pickup truck and a lawn mower, when you can hire a professional landscaping and irrigation company to care for your lawn without having to pay more?

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Landscape Design and Installation

A Look at our Landscape Design and Installation Services

Are you proud of your yard? When you look out of your windows, do you see something beautiful or something that is somewhat embarrassing? If you find that you are not happy with your property, you can contact Westbrook Outdoor Solutions for information about our landscape design and installation services. We are able to provide those services for you professionally, regardless of your needs. From minor maintenance like adding mulch or trimming bushes, to planting trees or clearing a hedgerow, we do what is necessary to ensure that your yard is the pride of the neighborhood.

Whether you have specific ideas for your landscaping or if you are unsure of the best choices for your property,you can discuss your vision with our professionals and we will make it come to life for you. We have worked on many properties throughout the area and we know what it takes to make a property beautiful and keep it that way. By designing the landscaping for you, we help to take some of the pressure off your shoulders and ensure that you will have something to smile about when you look out your window.

Additional Options for Landscape Design

When most people think about landscaping, they only think about what is visible during the day. The fact of the matter is, however, there is no need for you to stop enjoying your property when the sun goes down. At Westbrook Outdoor Solutions, we offer a wide variety of landscaping lights, including uplights, downlights, pathway lights, security floodlights or even subtle ambient lighting. The correct lighting will beautify your property during the nighttime hours and make it possible for you to enjoy it with family and friends.

Once you have the landscaping installed, how will you ensure that it is properly maintained? Most homeowners do not have the time or the inclination to care for their landscaping, but they do want to make sure that their property is beautiful at all times. When you choose Westbrook Outdoor Solutions, you are choosing a full service provider. We are your one stop for landscape design, installation and maintenance. Why not give us a call today? We will be happy to provide you with information as to what we can do on your property and a free quote, so you can see just how affordable it is.

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