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What Are Arbors and Pergolas?

pergola-night-2Outdoor design is important for most homeowners and in many cases, you want to add something that is unique so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor living environment. Various features that are available can be anything from an outdoor kitchen or fireplace to an in ground pool, complete with lighting, a rock waterfall and a beach entrance. Something else that you may want to consider for your outdoor environment is the availability of shade. Although shade can occur with any number of different outdoor features, some of the more popular options include arbors and pergolas, we can even fit our pergolas a with drip system to help with hanging baskets and to help vines to grow around and enhance its beauty. What are the differences between these two different items and how can they benefit your family, provided they are installed appropriately?

Both arbors and pergolas are very similar to each other, although there are some differences which can be seen when they are compared side-by-side. Arbors tend to be smaller structures and they may be rather simplistic in nature, although they can provide the outdoor environment with beauty and with shade for those who need it. A pergola is very similar, but architecturally, it tends to be larger than an arbor. Originally, a pergola was closely connected with the Italian Renaissance and tended to be something that was masonry in design. Today, both arbors and pergolas tend to be used interchangeably and both can be designed with wood.

One of the features that are often considered when you have arbors or pergolas in your yard is growing something on them. The open design of these items does make it a convenient way for you to have a vine growing and it can continue to grow to form a canopy over top of the structure. This helps tool provide more effective shade, and there are a wide variety of vines that can be used for this purpose.

Designing Arbors and Pergolas for Your Yard

Many homeowners, as well as individuals who have commercial properties want to ensure that there is shade available for the outdoor living that may occur. Although options are available for this type of design, arbors and pergolas still continue to be a popular choice. Designing these items is something that most homeowners do not have experience with, but you can call on the professionals at Westbrook Outdoor Solutions to provide you with what you need. Not only will we assist in the proper design of these outdoor features, we will also ensure that they are installed and build in a way that will meet with current code.

It is important for you to consider the outdoors, just as you would consider the indoors and the benefits that it provides for your family. There are many features that are available for outdoor living, but pergolas as well as arbors continue to provide some unique features, such as shade and additional beauty. Contact Westbrook Outdoor Solutions today for more information on how we can build these items for you and ensure that your family is able to use them for a long time to come.